Kaze Motor Service
Kaze Motor Service is your one stop automotive service centre as we provide the care required by your vehicle internally and its exterior.

Logbook Servicing



What is Logbook Servicing?

A logbook service is a comprehensive service that examines your vehicle in the way that the manufacturer intended.


Why Choose us for your next Logbook Service?

As an authorised service department we can service your car as per the vehicle requirements. We will stamp your logbook as per the manufacturers specifications, maintaining your new car warranty.


All Work is Done:

  • by qualified staff
  • according to the manufacturer’s specification
  • using appropriate quality parts where required

Kaze uses only Authentic Products and Parts.


Is your car due for a Service?

Service your car starting from $150.00

If your car is due for a logbook service or needs any kind of mechanical repair, then Contact Us on 03 8394 7248 to book a service or Visit us.